Water filters ensure that the drinking water in your kitchen is healthy and pure. Depending on where you install them, we separate between under-sink and countertop water filters.


Undersink filters are installed under the kitchen sink. The quality of the filtered water depends on the filter cartridge purifying the water. Under-sink filtration systems are used for micro-biological protection of water. In order to get healthy drinking water, your filter can be combined with an extra water tap intended purely for drinking water and water used in food and drink preparation.
The filters need to be changed after 10,000 litres of water used or at least once a year.
Under-sink filters can be installed with a fashionable extra tap, SPRING, or without the tap, connected directly to the cold water supply on your existing kitchen tap.


The filter is installed on the countertop and connected to the existing water tap through the provided fittings. The quality of the water depends on the filter cartridge purifying the water. Countertop filters can be removed and taken along for holidays or weekends away.

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